How does it work?

5/6.10.2018. Bell foundry. Whitechapel gallery. London.

A space is constructed with the help of various theatrical and artistic means. It represents a certain situation and is divided into 6 zones according to the methodical manual. "Methodology" describes 6 steps of self-knowledge, which by participants go through step by step, stopping at those or other, depending on the degree of intensity of internal work.

The action takes place behind the wheel of a car that travels around the city, through the eyes of the driver. Where the car is heading and why is unknown. Through the window a glimmering city and images inspiring by memories.

The hero feels he is disassembled. He perceives himself and the surrounding world fragmented, disunited and begins to understand what is happening by breaking it into components. He searches for integrity through reassembling these fragments.

А017UM77 is the number plate of the car. A-O-U-M - breath decomposing into sounds.

VASYA RUN – an interactive social experiment on the bounds of theater, music and contemporary art. The group is comprised of guys between the ages of 18 to 28, with no prior experience of performing.

The anonymous platform was created with the intention of enabling interaction and collaboration.

The central focus is on developing self-remembering, self-study and total immersion in the practice. All process is based on the research in acting practices, mental and spiritual schools, physical education.