How does it work?

5/6.10.2018. Bell foundry. Whitechapel gallery. London.

The participants use certain techniques and practices in conditions of silence and a semi-sleeping state to recreate experiences from their own past. Then all psychological and mental constructions are deleted from the occurring memory, which may be from any time in the past, so that only the memory of the body remains.

Parallel work is carried out with a text, creating a complex desynchronization within the body/mind dichotomy. A time line is set independently for each physical action, based on the insertion/occurrence of the situation. An additional task from the Book of Five Rings is imposed upon each physical action. This book is taken as the basis, since it includes a necessary measure of abstraction in any of its recommendations regarding hypothetical combat. The way of the Samurai is the original way of somebody who is prepared for death at any moment.

VASYA RUN – an interactive social experiment on the bounds of theater, music and contemporary art. The group is comprised of guys between the ages of 18 to 28, with no prior experience of performing.

The anonymous platform was created with the intention of enabling interaction and collaboration.

The central focus is on developing self-remembering, self-study and total immersion in the practice. All process is based on the research in acting practices, mental and spiritual schools, physical education.