If you want to continue

08/10.08.2019. Kampnagel Theater. Hamburg.

The new play released for BOCA Biennale. The main motive is again hidden in the process of participants searching for the most accurate reproduction of reality. Multitasking becomes both a difficulty and an incentive for awareness.

The main idea is that the hero is always in a state “after” the current time. We are trying to find a state "before" watching and predicting the present moment. What is this time and space, when one part of us observes itself in the future, and the other only follows to the present. The new performance presents the answers received by boys during the rehearsals, movements research, group work, spiritual practices based on the Fourth way of Gurdjieff.

© peter hoennemann

VASYA RUN – an interactive social experiment on the bounds of theater, music and contemporary art. The group is comprised of guys between the ages of 18 to 28, with no prior experience of performing.

The anonymous platform was created with the intention of enabling interaction and collaboration.

The central focus is on developing self-remembering, self-study and total immersion in the practice. All process is based on the research in acting practices, mental and spiritual schools, physical education.